Welcome to Viking Engineering Pte Ltd

Established in 1977, Viking has grown and diversified its operation to adapt to customers increased demands and expectations. Since the mid 1980's we are a partner in the servicing of the industrial sector, such as power generation, bulk material handling systems and incineration plants.
Ever since the inception of the company's business, we have served our customers all over the world. As traveling ambassadors we have executed numerous visits onboard vessels just to assess the condition of the steam plant and to liaise with Chief-Engineers and Superintendents. Such visits have very often resulted in immediate actions being taken or paved the way for the planning of future maintenance of the vessel's equipment, thus mitigating or eliminating any unwanted impact on the operational criterion.
Our project department includes qualified personnel with a solid background and experience in naval architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering.
We maintain the representation or being appointed as authorized agents for several OEM companies, all of which are listed under "Agencies".